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Animated cartoons

cartoon animation still of a cop talking to a smiling white man and black woman
Interracial Connection
cartoon animation for interracial dating site. Interracial Connection

Tradigital Designs has created myriad animated cartoons over the years for various individuals and companies, ranging from short intros and stories to step-by-step instructional animations and website landing pages.

cartoon still of a angry kitten ninja holding a sword, facing viewer
Buddy Media
New York, NY
cartoon animation for social media game (Daven Corbett). 
kitten ninja animation
large truck side illustration with inset indicating leaking oil tank
Lille, France
warning video for design firm. 
truck warning video
smiling, cartoon-style balding salesman in a business suit with hands by sides
Lynx Finances
Mersch, Luxembourg
cartoon animation for web and communications firm. GEM Animation
cartoon smiling panda standing in front of camera on tripod
Panda Culture
Shanghai, China
cartoon animation for Ike Wagh's website. Panda Culture
cartoon style blueprint illustration of a packet of coffee
Monterey, California
step-by-step instructional animation for "Stirpack" website.
cartoon still of cute, furry pink and blue creatures in an oval with trees and a rainbow, website home page design
My Little Garden
Marcq-en-Baroeul, France
animation for bi-lingual daycare center.
illustrated silhouette of a puma stalking
Lynx Finances
Mersch, Luxembourg
frame-by-frame animation for web and communications firm.
Puma walking
vector illustrtion of a tropical fish against a white background
Lille, France
Animated fish for animation company. 
fish swimming
vintage curtain 20th century illustration
Emeryville, California
video for Lorne Lanning's XMobb (creator of OddWorld Inhabitants ). 
VAM Worst of Session
middle-aged white man and woman cartoon couple standing against a blue city skyline
Body Hormone Balance
Texarkana, TX
hormone replacement video. 
Body Hormone Balance
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