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Tradigital Designs has worked with a number of game developers and studios to create sprites—2D images that are integrated into a larger scene or game environment, often to represent characters, objects, or special effects.

cartoon kitten ninjas sprite-board for social media game
Buddy Media
New York, NY
Sprite-board for social media game (Daven Corbett)
cartoon dog eating sandwich sprite-board for children's book I Make Pictures Move
Hampton-Brown Publishing
Carmel, California
Sprite-board for children's book I Make Pictures MoveI Make Pictures Move
zombie walking spriteboard for game
Agent Wolf
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Spriteboard for Josh Schoenly's iPad game "Monster Truck Zombie Killaz"
cartoon guy at computer desk spiteboard
Code Fred
Los Angeles, California
Spriteboard for "Code Fred" animated GIF
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