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collection of client logos for Tradigital Designs


"The quality of your delivery is impressive and stimulating. The quality of your presentation of those ideas and the girth the versions you covered... is exciting and validates our decision to engage you specifically."

-Lorne Lanning, internationally acclaimed video game designer (OddWorld Inhabitants, million dollar franchise)

"I wanted to make sure to document my experience with Mr. Adams because it was unique. I am the lead planner for Col Randy Pugh's retirement ceremony and working with countless entities to make sure his retirement goes off without a hitch. When I reached out to Mr. Adams, he was prompt, kind and informative of the process. He was also enthusiastic about helping me and offered creative ideas to make sure the program I was requesting was only of the highest quality. Conversing with him via email, he was prompt and light-hearted; I would never know if he had any other projects (which I assume he does) as he made sure I felt attended to as the customer. He is/was by far, the most enjoyable and pleasant individual to work with and I asked him who his supervisor was so I can make sure to note the aforemen-tioned. Please let me know if there is another way I can make sure he is recognized or that his superior service is documented."

-Captain Emily F. Hastings, Manpower Systems Analysis, DDM, Naval Postgraduate School, USMC 


"As the Co-Founder and VP Consulting of LearningDrip, a French company aiming to explain in a simple and fun way new and innovative concepts to professionals, whatever their language or their culture, I wanted to have several drawings to illustrate some of those concepts. Andrew was the right person for that challenging task. His ability to understand quickly what we wanted (even when working remotely), his capacity to translate a complex and abstract concept into a drawing, and his promptness to deliver the drawings are among his main assets. The drawings have been very appreciated by our target. We strongly recommend him and will be looking to work again with him on future projects."

-Frédéric Bouchez, Co-Founder, Learning Drip Technologies


"I just have to say you are amazing!! I wish I met you earlier!! Those graphics are just incredible!! You are beyond any graphic artist I have met! Thank you so much. I love all of the images, every one of them. The detail is just amazing."

-Dave Tessitore, Dashy Apps


"Andre was a pleasure to work with. He is able to take an idea and run with it with minimal guidance. He works fast, diligently and his illustrations are of great quality and capture the concept beautifully. We look forward working with Andre again and I recommend him for anyone's illustration, cartooning or design needs."

-Vital Findings, Los Angeles

"André is a smart, sensitive, curious person who can capture the serious, the comical, the interesting side of people, products or situations, and use them to convey new ideas. Very talented at expressing complex situations with graphics, Andre knows how to synthesize and capture the essential. Very demanding with himself, André will work very hard to achieve all his goals."

-Olivia Ben Haim, Fondatrice et professeur chez Olingua

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your rates?
A. My rates are $50 an hour, and I work quickly and efficiently. I base my quotes on industry standards, as well as individual or company budget. For example, I would not charge the same rate for a logo design for IBM as I would for Joe's Weed Cutter Service. But to give some ballpark figures, logos usually run between $200-400, full color illustrations $200-500, websites $700-2000. Animations can really vary, depending on length and complexity–they could run anywhere from $100 for a simple gif animation to $2000 for a 2 minute 2D cartoon.


Q. When is the best time to reach you?
A. I am available by email or cell practically anytime, dusk through dawn. 24/7. (831) 917-0971.


Q. Do I need to sign a contract? 
A. I almost ask for this, unless it is truly a very small project (less than $200, for example).
I start by emailing off a simple one page contract, whereupon I give you a quote. Once I receive a 50% deposit, then I can begin working.


Q. How are payments arranged?
A. I always recommend using PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Simply put, they are some of the safest, fastest, and easiest ways to pay. 

My PayPal account is:, and my Venmo is: @Andre-Adams-14.
Zelle payments go through your bank's mobile app by adding an email. Setting up an account takes just a few minutes.
For those technologically challenged, I also accept checks via snail mail.


Q. How do you deliver your material/artwork?
A. I typically deliver files either using email, FTP, Box or Dropbox, a freeware program to send large files–users are entitled to 2GB of storage free of charge (highly recommended).


Q. Do you sell images/prints/animations/tutorials?
A. I do–check out The Cartoon Express, where you can find 1000+ vector illustrations, web tutorials, animations and more.
Individual images run $5, and the entire collection is available via download for just $25.


Q. What is your turnaround time? What about revisions?
A. Illustrations usually take a few days, logo projects between 2-7 days, websites within 2-3 weeks. Of course, it always depends on the amount and complexity of the illustrations/web pages in question. I've done quick logos for certain clients within two days, whereas others have requested numerous iterations and have subsequently taken several weeks.

I always strive for clear communication and request that the client provide some initial rough sketches or mock-ups...this way there is less guesswork and the process runs much smoother and more efficiently. I do not expect complicated blueprints--just simple stick figure drawings and/or boxes and arrows indicating placement are more than enough and are very helpful!

First round of revisions are generally free of cost, unless new items are introduced and/or a lot of modifications start piling up.

Résumé /CV

Available for download as a PDF file and as a Microsoft Word doc.

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Over the years I've worked with art directors, authors, business owners, CEOs, and countless others who can attest to my work ethic and professionalism.


Dave Nystrom

Director of Strategic Communications, Naval Postgraduate School

(831) 656-3869, (360) 710-7240

Mike DiFranco

Communications Director, M3 Environmental LLC
(831) 277-8061

George Hanson

Founder, Changing Lives Together
(916) 225-6019

Steve Sharp

Former Headmaster, Monte Vista Christian School

(831) 768-6105, (831) 750-2579

John Tang, M.D.
Medical Director and owner, Rejuvé Medical
(408) 740-5320

Jason Riddle

Web & Multimedia Designer, Riddle Design Works

(408) 481-9535

Clare Stead
e-Learning Project Director, iSchool Zambia
+260 979259305

Frédéric Bouchez

Founder, Learning Drip Technologies (Lille, France)


Click the icon below to access my Bio, focusing mainly on my illustration and design.

BIO icon 2020.png

Web Portfolio

Click the icon below to download my web portfolio, a 'best of' showcase highlighting illustration & design I've done over the past 20+ years.

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