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Logo design for local brewery, featuring a silhouetted Lone Cypress tree against a dark blue sky
Belgian Pacific
Monterey, California
Logo design for local brewery.

Tradigital Designs delivers all types of professional logos: corporate, concept, mascot, and cartoon, with a variety of options to choose from start to completion. 

circular logo design featuring a microphone, gun, cash, classified documents, calendar, and airline tickets
Arrest Them for Treason
San Francisco, California
Logo for political cause. 
green logo design with letters a and b and leaves
Armstrong Bodywork
Yuba City, California
logo for massage team.
pastel pink logo design featuring the letter B in the side silhouetetd shape of a pregnant female
Birthing Network
Monterey, California
logo for birthing network.
logo design with a swirly S spelling out "stirpack" coffee brand
Monterey, California
logo for "Stirpack" patented beverage stirrer.
logo of a vintage highway sign for weekly chapel service
Monte Vista Christian School
Watsonville, California
logo for weekly chapel service. Monte Vista
logo design featuring an angry horse profile set against a red oval background
Red Horse Fireworks
Wanzai, China
logos for fireworks supplier. Red Horse Fireworks
cartoon logo design featuring a rubber duck, ball, pacifier, and play cube with the world in the foreground and "Baby Planet" letters in front
Bebe (Baby) Planet
Arlon, Belgium
selected as "Our Favs" for
illustrated 90 year commemorative logo for private school
Monte Vista Christian School
Watsonville, California
90 year commemorative logo. Monte Vista
cartoon logo design featuring angry goat against a dark blue circular background
Capricornes de la Madeleine
La Madeleine, France
mascot logo for flag football club in northern France.
colorful busy logo design featuring prescription medication, thetar masks, music and sound waves
Emeryville, California
logo concept for Lorne Lanning's XMobb (creator of OddWorld video game series).
cartoon logo with three vinyl disks in the background and "Krystyle" letters in front
Krystyle Records
Oakland, California
logo for recording studio.
logo design featuring asparus and blueberries with yellow ribbon commemorating 50th anniversary
Victoria Island Farms
Holt, California
Logo variations for food supplier. Victoria Islands Farms
logo design featuring parachutist above a railroad tracks
Ecole Régionale de Parachuting de Guéret
Lille, France
Logo for skydiving company
cartoon illustrated logo designs for laundromat
Seafoam Laundry
Islamorada, Florida
Logo variations for laundromat
illustrated logo designs of planes in flight
Moore Media
Monterey, California
logo concepts for independent communication consulting firm
whimsical illustrated logo variations for herb shop
Go Ask Alice
Santa Cruz, California
logo variations for herb shop. Go Ask Alice
cartoon logo design featuring a cartoon skun riding a quad in the mud for racing event
Northwell Health
Oyster Bay, NY
Logo for Heather Leiser's quad racing event
logo designs featuring the word WAVE against blue and black backgrounds
San Francisco, CA
Logo options for media and consulting agency
series of logo designs featuring the letters R and A
Denver, CO
Branding concepts for resin tabletop designs. RebeccaAnneArtist
series of lightbulb logo designs with gears and electrical charges
Logo concepts for personal development site.
microphone logo designs for Navy themed podcast
Monterey, CA
Logo for University's podcast series.
logo design featuring Lone Cypress tree and Golden Gate bridge in a circular blue and red frame
Monterey, CA
Logo for University's technology center location.
cartoon logo flyer featuring young smiling boy wearing VR goggles next to science symbols
Monterey, California
Logo for annual STEM event.
logo design featuring Vetruvian man with gears and fighter jets circling him
Monterey, California
Logo for aerospace engineering student.
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