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Tradigital Designs has worked with a number of backend developers and studios to create assets and animations for games, to include: buttons, backgrounds, user interface design, modules, menus, and graphics.

collection of assets featuring swords and shields for Medieval themed game
Peter Gaivoronski
Natick, Massachusetts
Assets for medieval online card game
UI design & illustrations for online game Monster Truck Zombie Killaz.
Agent Wolf
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
UI design for Josh Schoenly's App, "Monster Truck Zombie Killaz"
motorcross video game assets with rider ascending a ramp in a stadium during dusk
The Asset Hole
Santa Cruz, California
Motorcross game for iPad & mobile devices.
UI design of an indoor bar with empty chairs and game assets and toolbars
Emeryville, California
UI design for Lorne Lanning's virtual video social game
Social media design and illustrations for underwater game featuring submarines, sharks, dolphins, octopus, and sunken ship
Heartbeat Ideas
New York, NY
Social media game for Uwe Hebbelmann
handsome man and beautiful woman hosting an event in front of a red carpet gala
Dash Technologies
Atlanta, Georgia
Movie trivia game for Ipad and Iphone.
crazy scientost cow character experimenting with vials in a lab with microscopes and pipes
Herd Wisdom
Montréal, Canada
UI design & animation for word shuffle game "Dr. MoOo"
collection of colorful illustrative  social media icons
Jerry Low
Ipoh, Perak
Set of social media icons
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